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Examples and samples

Describes the examples presented in this documentation and the samples provided in DSX Local.

The following table shows examples provided in this documentation, which show you how to use Decision Optimization for Data Science Experience.
Table 1. Decision Optimization documentation examples

Learn how to ...


Create scheduling models using the Modeling Assistant

House Construction example

  • Create, edit and solve a planning and scheduling model with the Modeling Assistant
  • Create and examine different scenarios

[Beta] Solving a model using the Modeling Assistant

Create Python optimization models using the Decision Optimization Model Builder

Diet example

  • Create and solve a Python model generated from an existing scenario
  • Create and examine a new scenario

Solving a Python-based model

Multiple scenarios example

  • Create a Python model from a Python Notebook imported into Decision Optimization and solve it
  • Generate multiple scenarios from a Python Notebook using randomized data

Working with multiple scenarios

Create or import DOcplex Python Notebooks

Decision Optimization Notebook examples

  • Download a Notebook from the Community page and add it to a project
  • Get your DOcplex API key and URL
  • Run a Notebook

Decision Optimization Notebooks

The following table lists the models that are provided in dsx-samples. All these assets use the Model Builder and contain data.

Table 2. Decision Optimization Models
Models for Decision Optimization Problem type Model type
Diet Blending Python notebook
StaffPlanning Multi-Scenario Planning Python notebook
BridgeScheduling Scheduling Modeling Assistant
HouseConstructionScheduling Scheduling with assignment Modeling Assistant
MarketingCampaignAssignment Resource Assignment Modeling Assistant

Other examples are provided in Notebooks in the Decision Optimization GitHub Catalog.