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Limitations and known issues for DSX Local

The following limitations and known issues apply to the Data Science Experience (DSX) Local release:


Machine learning models


Hadoop integration

H2O Flow



See also: Troubleshooting


The Local Data Sets tab in a notebook shows only CSV and JSON files

The Local Data Sets tab in the Find and Add Data Shows the Find and Add Data icon view of the notebook palette shows only files with type CSV and JSON. Although you can select other file types, such as application or binary, to add, only CSV and JSON are supported. Panda dataframes for JSON files can only be inserted for Python and R.

Create notebooks from file if you cannot create them from a URL

If you cannot create a notebook from GitHub due to a "Cannot load given URL" error, then download from GitHub and create the notebook from a file instead.

Rerun Scala code if you receive an exception

When connecting to Informix from Scala, if you get the exception java.lang.SecurityException cannot be cast to java.sql.SQLException, try running the code again.

No version control in Zeppelin

If a DSX Local user attempts to use version control for a Zeppelin notebook, it fails with the following error: "Couldn't checkpoint note revision: possibly storage doesn't support versioning. Please check the logs for more details."

Zeppelin version control

Head option does not work in Zeppelin

In the Zeppelin notebook toolbar, nothing happens when Head is clicked.

New notebook defaults to current notebook filename instead of untitled

If you are currently inside a notebook and click File > New Notebook, then the new notebook defaults to the same filename as the current notebook instead of "Untitled".

Cannot copy a notebook in Jupyter

If you make a copy of a notebook in Jupyter, the new copy of the notebook displays no environment and cannot be opened. As a workaround, make a copy of the notebook manually.

Deleted sample notebook still displays

Do not delete sample notebooks from the dsx-samples project. Otherwise, DSX users receive a 404 error when they attempt to open the corresponding tile on the Community page.

Machine learning models

Publishing a model to Cloud no longer supported

DSX Local no longer supports publishing and scoring a DSX Local model on the Watson ML service.

Batch scoring for HDP can only be done by notebook

For batch scoring with Hadoop/HDP spark model using Livy, you need to save it as .ipynb file. When it runs, you can ignore the preceding errors.

WML models do not support data sets with column types of Decimal

WML models do not support data sets with Decimal column types. The evaluate job fails.

Delayed error message when testing a model

If you attempt to test an ML model using an invalid value, the error message ("An error occurred in processing your submission. Please try again later.") might not display until you leave the panel.

Certain models fail to enable as a web service using Python 2.7

If you deploy and enable a WML model or Spark 2.0 model as a web service in an active release using Python 2.7 as the worker, then the web service might stay disabled even though the enablement appeared to succeed. As a workaround, use a Python 3.5 worker instead.


Refresh page if the project hangs when you add or delete a collaborator

When you add or delete a collaborator from a project, the DSX Local client might hang even though the action succeeded. As a workaround, refresh the page.

Pull project could result in a merge conflict

If a collaborator commits changes to a file that you are currently working on, then you could lose the changes you made if you click Pull project. DSX Local will prompt you to either commit your changes first, or back up your project.

Flow assets cannot be opened from the Recent Assets page

In the Recent Assets page of a project, Flow assets cannot be opened. You must navigate to the Flow from the Assets page instead.

Hadoop integration

Cannot stop jobs for a DSXHI target host

When a registered DSXHI cluster is selected as the Target Host for a job run, the job cannot be stopped. As a workaround, view the DSX Local job logs to find the Yarn applicationId; then use the ID to manually kill the Hadoop job on the remote system. When the remote job is terminated, the DSX Local job will terminate on its own with a "Failed" status.

Similarly, jobs that are started for DSXHI image push operations cannot be stopped either.

H2O Flow

H2O Flow document names must be ASCII characters only

When you name your H2O Flow documents, use all ASCII characters. Non-ASCII characters and double-byte characters are not supported.

H20 importFile displays a stack trace when searching with empty search path

In a blank H20 flow notebook, if you click the importFile routine and click Search you might see the following stack trace error: "ERROR MESSAGE: Can not create a Path from an empty string (java.lang.IllegalArgumentException) ...".


Signing out of RStudio is not supported

In RStudio, if you click the rstudio (signout) button, it triggers an error message Missing or incorrect token. The signout feature is not supported. To exit RStudio, click the bread crumb link in the upper left corner (Project Name > RStudio).


GPUs on Power supports Python 3.6

GPU environments on POWER support only Python version 2.7 with CUDA version 9.2. Ignore any occurrences of Python 3.5 and CUDA 8.0 in the DSX Local client, as this version is not supported.