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Decision Optimization

IBM® Decision Optimization for Watson Studio allows you to run optimization models in Watson Studio, with a user-friendly environment in which you can combine optimization with data science. IBM® Decision Optimization gives you access to IBM's industry-leading solution engines for mathematical programming and constraint programming.

IBM® Decision Optimization for Watson Studio provides you with a Model Builder interface to facilitate workflow. Here you can:

  • Select and edit the data relevant for your optimization problem
  • Run optimization models in the Watson Studio interface
  • Investigate and compare solutions for multiple scenarios
  • Create and edit models in Python notebooks
  • Create models using your data and natural language expressions with the Modeling Assistant
  • Import and solve OPL models
  • Easily create and share reports with tables, charts and notes using widgets provided in the Dashboard editor
  • Save models for deployment

You can deploy Decision Optimization models, for use by an application in Watson Studio, using IBM Watson Machine Learning.

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