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Check out the sample notebooks

You can open a variety of sample notebooks to help you get started. The sample notebooks are based on real-world scenarios and contain many useful examples of computations and visualizations that you can adapt to your analysis needs.

Example of sample notebooks

sample notebook

The samples are a great way to discover powerful features and use cases. They can be especially helpful if you are new to Apache Spark or have never worked with notebooks.

To view a sample notebook:

  1. Go to the main page for Watson Studio Local. Choose Community, then click the tab for Notebooks to show only notebook cards.
  2. Find the card for the sample notebook you want and click the card.

    You can view the notebook contents to browse the steps and the code that it contains.

  3. To work with a copy of the sample notebook in your own Watson Studio Local environment, click the Copy icon (copy notebook icon) and specify a project and Spark service for the notebook.

The notebook opens in your Watson Studio Local environment. For information about the notebook interface, see Parts of a notebook.