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Deploy an asset as a job

A job deployment generates a REST API endpoint to start, stop, and get status for that job. The job can be scheduled (but not unscheduled), and is visible to authenticated users only.

The following asset types can be deployed as a job:

  • Scripts
  • Notebooks

Deploy a script or notebook as a job

Open the Assets tab in the Project release details page. Select a script or notebook from the left side of the assets table, and then, in the right side, click the button to create a job. The Create job depployment window opens.

Create job deployment

Specify a name for the job that contains lowercase alphanumeric characters and hyphens, up to 26 characters. Then specify other details for the job, including workers, job type, environment variables, and command line arguments. You can set up a schedule for the job.

After you create a job, you will see the job deployment in the deployments list.

To use the test API page in the Deployment details page, you must first bring the release online by clicking the Launch button from the Project release details page.