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Manage a deployed job

After you create a job deployment, you can manage it by selecting the job deployment from the deployments page.

To manage a job deployment, select the deployment you want from the deployments page. The Deployment details page opens. The page has two tabs: Overview and API.

Restriction: The release must be live before you can start, stop, or get the status of a job.

Overview tab

Deployed job overview

The Overview tab contains:
Default environment variables
View the environment variables for the job.
Default command line arguments
View the arguments for the job.
View a table of all the previous runs for the job.
Run now
Click to run the job now.

API tab

Deployed job API

The API tab contains:
Menu of API calls
You can use the following options from the pull-down menu to interact with the job:
Calls the trigger API to start a job run.
Calls the cancel API to stop a job run.
Calls the status API to get information about the status. If you do not supply a run ID in the text box when you call the status, the API call gets all the runs for the job.
Result box
Shows the JSON output from the API call.
Generate code
Click to display the proper curl command based on the selected status and the data in the input box.