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Patch 08

The description and installation procedures for the fixes for patch 08 are provided.

Patch details for wsl-v1231-x86-patch-08

This patch includes the following fix:


  • Resolves attack vectors related to the use of symbolic links.


WSL x86 patch07 must all be installed. To download patch 08, go to Fix Central and select wsl-x86-v1231-patch08. Previous patches are also available in Fix Central.

Patch files

The patch contains the following file: wsl-x86-v1231-patch08.tgz


If you're applying the patch on Watson Studio Local that is running on a pre-existing Kubernetes cluster like OpenShift, you must perform these tasks:
  1. Identify the docker registry that is used by the cluster by running
    You must change the commands based on the docker registry that is used by the installation. Change the following docker commands to use the docker registry used by the cluster.
  2. Authenticate to kubectl.
  3. Authenticate to docker.
The following are general pre-installation tasks, applicable in all cases:
  1. If you want to roll back the patch, run the following docker image commands and note the key values of the images:
    1. Run
      kubectl get deploy -n dsx dsx-core -o yaml | grep image:
      and note the value of the image key.

Installing the patch

To install the dsx-core image patch

  1. Open the dsx-core image by running
    tar xzvf wsl-x86-v1231-patch08.tgz
    A directory that is called dsx-core-artifact is created and contains files.
  2. Run the command
    cd dsx-core-artifact
  3. Run the command
    docker load < dsx-core_v3.13.1406-x86_64.tar.gz
    to load the image to the docker registry.
  4. Run
    docker tag a6f8c09c6dab idp-registry.sysibm-adm.svc.cluster.local:31006/dsx-core:v3.13.1406-x86_64_v1231-patch08
    to tag the image.
  5. Run
    docker push idp-registry.sysibm-adm.svc.cluster.local:31006/dsx-core:v3.13.1406-x86_64_v1231-patch08
    to push the image to the docker registry.
  6. Run
    kubectl -n dsx edit deploy dsx-core
  7. Look for the image key, and then change the value to

Rolling back the patch

Roll back the patch
  1. Run
    kubectl edit deploy -n dsx dsx-core
    and then look for the image key. Change the key to the value noted in the Pre-installation section, step 1a.