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Configuring a Watson Explorer collection

Configuring the Watson™ Explorer collection can give you a better understanding of the data and extract more useful features for later analysis stages. For example, machine learning for predictive analysis.

The most effective process is to configure annotators. There are three builtin annotators (Part of Speech, Sentiment Analysis, and Named Entity Recognition) available, but this is not enough in many case. You can add dictionary annotators so that the Watson Studio Local - Watson Explorer Add On can retrieve domain specific words and phrases as facet values and as features.

There are two ways to configure a collection.

Configure menu
Click More next to a collection and then click Configure.
configure collection

You can now edit the collection as described in Edit a collection.

Domain Adaptation Curator
The domain adaptation curator is a tool for4 editing dictionaries. It is integrated into the Content Miner user interface so that you can edit dictionaries in the process of content mining and improve the text analysis result continuously. You must enable the Domain Adaptation Curator when you create a Watson Explorer collection. For more information, see Domain Adaptation Curator.